A creative studio designing on the intersection of digital and physical media

  • Apprentice of Okolicne

    We have put Gothic art into the hands of Slovak National Gallery visitors


    We were commissioned by the University of Warwick to make the concept of supply chains more tangible


    A generative visualization showing what people are borrowing from the digital library of the Goethe Institut

  • Festival Design Kit

    We 3D scanned Slovakia's biggest music festival to create a custom spatial design toolkit

Interactive experiences bridging digital & physical

At Unfold we help cultural organisations and brands tell informative stories in experiential ways. We do this by creating interactive and immersive experiences that bridge between digital and physical space.

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we will research and develop ideas for the specific challenge you face

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already have an idea or a solution? We will shape it into a consistent concept designed according to your needs


working with the best and trusted professionals in the field we will oversee the production of a designed product

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